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of ACTING in the Motion Picture BUSINESS


Mackin's book is an informed person's view of the movie business, offering solid, importune and insightful advice on getting in to one area of the industry. It is anecdote/quote driven, which is not a bad thing, for it makes the book enjoyable to read. One of the many strengths of this book, and bear in mind that this is coming from a New Yorker primarily acquainted with the Theatrical, Commercial and east coast television industry, is its palpable west coast flavor. It truly presents a picture of Hollywood in all its fickleness, shortcomings, cliquishness, hypocrisy, wonder and lure. It does serve as a guide as well. The author offers excellent advice. His writing is engaging, lively and informed. If I were an actor I would buy this book. All actors, whether working or not, should and probably will buy this book. Film school might consider offering this book as a textbook for their performance classes.

I recommend buying this book for publication. It offers fresh insight and concrete advice in a lively, informative style. This book offers vital and important information. The quotes and anecdotes personalize the advice and give it extra punch. I liked it very much. Especially Macklin's parting words in the last chapter.

Focal Press Publishing's Professional Reviewer


I could not put this book down once I opened it. David Macklin has the most engaging and personal writing style that I have seen in years. I laughed out loud at his descriptions of his own goofs and gaffs. David has the wonderful attributes of being impressively informative as well being able to see the humor in this crazy business. This is THE book for those who want to learn or simply to enjoy the inside story of how and why movies are made. It will save you a lot of grief and time in your pursuit of a career in the movie.

Nan Shyder - Editor (Retired) Every Body's News - An Arts & Entertainment Weekly


Thank you for sending me your excellent book. I am referring this most interesting and important material to my granddaughter in New York, who is an aspiring actress.

Steve Allen - Entertainer


Your book is wonderful! I read it on the plane to London to start a new mega-mini series. You did a terrific job. It should be a big success.

John Erman - Director of Roots, Queen, Early Frost, Stella


WESTERN CLIPPINGS  #54 July/August 2003

ACTING In The Motion Picture BUSINESS by David Macklin ("Gunpoint" w/Audie Murphy, "Bonanza," "Virginian," "Iron Horse," etc.) is a down to earth book about not only acting for the camera-- but how to act in the movie business. Certainly designed for aspiring actors, it is nevertheless finding a home as a basic primer for devotees of the business who simply want to know more about movies than the names of all of John Wayne's horses. Macklin's approach is a candid, realistic, problem solving and fun compilation of ideas, methods and insights garnered over 40 plus years as an actor and over 15 years as a director and coach. Macklin offers a terminology glossary, tells you specifically where the work is, explains 'the method', listening, technique, character analyses, training, habits of professionalism, how the camera sees you, various shots, hitting your marks, memorization, being on location, working with directors, the production staff, agents and so much more. As Ed McMahon used to loudly profess with Johnny Carson, "Everything--everything you ever wanted to know about acting -- and the business of acting -- is in this book!" Informative, lively, entertaining.

Boyd Magers - Writer/Publisher


David! I am so impressed by your book. We have all been talking about it and how a book like this is so needed. It must have taken you years to compile all this interesting, helpful and entertaining material.

Earl Bellamy - Director


`ACTING IN THE MOTION PICTURE BUSINESS` is not only an actor's companion, but
a compendium of all that every movie practitioner requires for the trade. I
recommend it for `NOLLYWOOD'--the emerging Nigerian movie industry.

Eliel Otote A. - Director of Studies, ARTS WORKSHOP--Nigerian Movie Industry


David! It all began with you, your book and classes. The scenes we did led to "The Young and the Restless".  I will always be grateful for  what I learned from you and the fun we had.

Laura Bogart, Actress


Your book is marvelous. It is insightful and very comprehensive. It's the first book I've read that covers everything...all the areas of information that an actor should know with lots of good stuff to work on. Every actor should read this. It should be used in every acting school or college as a finish to the course. I am recommending it to all my clients and there is a copy in my waiting room.

Dale Garrick - Dale Garrick International Talent Agency


An exceptional and first-rate work. Mr. Macklin has achieved what few authors today have. He's managed to compose a book that is both educational AND entertaining. Finally a book about working successfully within the motion picture industry penned by someone who knows first-hand what he's talking about. Mr. Macklin draws on his vast experience within the film and television medium to produce a book which no one who is serious about a career in this business will want to be without.

Les Howell - Writer/Producer, Turner Classic Movies


ACTING In The Motion Picture BUSINESS  is priceless. It is very informative and fun and productive to read and practice. After you read this book you feel as though you are really prepared to start to get somewhere. "Two thumbs up". This is good!

Criss Russell, Film Maker, Business Executive


Macklin's book is inspiring! It should be in the hands of anyone who wants to greatly improve their chances of making it in the motion picture business. It is honest, concise, charismatic and extremely helpful for any actor who wants to succeed in this business faster and stay there longer.

Ted Charach, Producer/Writer "The Second Gun"


David's book is excellent and very comprehensive. I hope every talent agency tells their new actors to buy one.

Michael R. Harbert, Professional Screenwriter







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