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Sample Photos
and Illustrations
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Sample Photos
and Illustrations

Here are but a few samples of the many illustrations, charts, and photos with stars that are in the book
ACTING in the Motion Picture BUSINESS.

Click on thumbnail images to see them larger.

A screen actor should understand and be able to visualize the basic camera shots called for in the script.

The Master Shot
This shot includes all the characters in the scene.

Medium Close-up or Two T's
The frame cuts the actor across the breast ... hence the term Two T's. In this shot the frame is usually a little above the head.

Background-Foreground Shot
This shot features the faces of both actors in varying degrees of closeness. One actor is in the foreground...the other in the background, usually behind the shoulder of the first actor.

Necktie Close-Up
This shot frames the actor a few inches under the chin, where the knot of a necktie or necklace might be.

Group Shots can include any number of people who can be moved around in the shot, or who can make entrances and exits during the take. The group shot illustrated here is from "Terror by Night," a Sherlock Holmes film starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

Here is a group shot from "The Sound of Anger." Seen left to right are Guy Stockwell, Linda Day, Burl Ives, David Macklin, and James Farentino.

  With Paul Comi in "Twelve O'Clock High" segment "Falling Star"

With Doug McClure in "The Virginian" segment "Dead Eye Dick"

With Dan Blocker in "Bonanza" segment "The Blood Line"

With Denver Pyle in "Gunpoint"

With Audie Murphy in "Gunpoint"

With Tommy Alexander and Claude Johnson in "Gunsmoke" segment "Jonah Hutchinson"

  With Randy Boone and Lee J. Cobb in "The Virginian" segment "Dead Eye Dick".  

With Louise Latham in "The FBI" segment "How to Murder an Iron Horse"

A Medium Close-Up shot from "Medical Center"

Another Medium Close-up from "Medical Center"

David with Jack Lemmon in "The Apartment." This scene was shot on a rather small soundstage but the office looks huge because miniature desks and cutout people in the far background were used.

A Choker Shot of an evil-doer from "Born Wild, " aka "The Young Animals."

Taking an easy fall on "The Virginian"

Another close-up from "Born Wild"

An intimate moment with Brooke Bundy, on "Mr. Novac."

David Macklin with Gail Jackson in the stage production of Neil Simon's play "The Good Doctor."

David Macklin and Dick Clark waiting for the next set-up on "Kincade," a pilot spin-off from "Stoney Burke"

Patricia Barry, Jack Klugman and David Macklin in "Harris Against the World"

Theater-type TV: David Macklin and Brandy Carson in "Franny and Zooey"

A Full Shot with Ida Lupino, on "The Virginian"
David wielding guns

a gun in the pocket on Robert Young, "Window on Main Street."

a gun on Robert Lansing, "Insight"

...gunning for Ben Cartwright on "Bonanza"

Original illustrations appearing on this page are by Clement F. Mortashed.




2002-2007, David Macklin