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About the Author

DAVID MACKLIN is an acclaimed actor/writer/coach with hundreds of screen credits. A partial list is available on the Internet Movie Data Base.

Intelligent, sensitive and responsive! I hope that we will work together again real soon.
- LAWRENCE HARVEY, Director of Welcome to Arrow Beach

High praise from, a discriminating and meticulous craftsman ... and DAVID MACKLIN will always cherish that particular compliment.  Born in Greenhills, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, David is considered one of the finest dramatic actors in Hollywood.  For the past twelve years he has built an excellent reputation as an acting coach conducting his Acting on Camera courses and teaching in regional acting seminars.  He has also directed several Equity waiver and workshop stage productions. David is the author of the book ACTING in the Motion Picture BUSINESS.

DAVID's start on an artistic pathway began at home.  His father, Clement Mortashed, is an accomplished painter, illustrator, and ceramist.  Now retired, he made his living first as a musician and then as a commercial artist. DAVID's mother, Jean, wrote, painted and made pottery.  His brother, Clement Jr., now a psychiatrist in Southern California, also paints, draws and sculpts.

DAVID owns a potter's wheel and kiln, and makes ceramics. Tennis, golf, bowling, pool, pinball, and slot machines are among his many hobbies. His collections include holograms, ancient Egyptian artifacts and Sherlock Holmes-related memorabilia. He loves critters and has always counted his dogs and cats as best friends.

At the age of 11, while in the Greenhills Elementary School, DAVID was cast in his first play ... portraying a 70 year old school teacher. The experience made an indelible mark and DAVID know that he wanted to be an actor. He felt it so strongly that he wore his costume home after the performance, and announced that he was never taking off his make-up.  His folks won out on these minor points, but DAVID never lost any of his desire for acting.

DAVID was enrolled in the Walter Eyre Theatrical School in Cincinnati; his first performance there was the famous soliloquy from "HAMLET." For the next six years he played many roles in local theater, school plays and on TV.  During his high school years he played a lead in every play ... mostly character roles in such productions as "THE LOUD RED PATRICK," "THE WINSLOW BOY," "MAJOR BARBARA," and "THE HAPPY TIME." He also appeared at the Cincinnati Summer Theater, Cincinnati; Cherry County Theater, Michigan; and the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, Kentucky.

DAVID also started in such hit productions as "PICNIC" and "BLUE DENIM" during his summer stock days.

It was from a local TV show for the Community Chest, in which DAVID played an emotionally disturbed boy at odds with his family and society, that he was noticed by Hollywood. This TV film "ESCAPE FROM THE CAGE" was shown on National Educational Television and was brought to the attention of Producer Henry King at 20th Century Fox Studios.  With encouragement from Mr. King, DAVID went to Hollywood.

Through his first agency, The Jean Haliburton Agency, DAVID did a modeling commercial for Dupont.  Next came his SAG card, and his first starring role on "THE REAL McCOYS." This was soon followed by his role as Todd Grayson, the kid who came west to kill Ben Cartwright in "BONANZA." The scope of DAVID’s talent was already more than apparent, as Robert Young wrote after DAVID appeared with that veteran actor:

It is on the strength of your work that the hopes and aspirations of this show depends!
- ROBERT Y0UNG, "Windows on Main Street"

After his 7th appearance on "PERRY MASON," producer Gail Patrick Jackson sent her congratulations:

It was nice to have you with us again … You were excellent as usual!

More letters of praise were to follow as he appeared in more than 250 starring and guest-starring roles on TV and motion pictures.  After his appearance with Jack Lord in a guest-starring role on "STONEY BURKE," he received this letter:

No one appreciates a talented, truthful actor more than I do! Thanks!

And after his appearance in a segment of "THE GREAT ADVENTURE" for rival network, CBS:

All of us are very grateful to you for the enormous contribution your performance made to "The Hunley." I also want to thank you for being so patient and co-operative during a very difficult week. I think you are an extraordinary actor and I hope we will work together soon again.

DAVID subsequently joined the LOS ANGELES REPERTORY THEATER where his unusual talent was further brought to the forefront. He received excellent reviews, first for "CHRONICLES OF HELL."

To confront "Chronicles of Hell" by Michel de Ghelderord hurled at you in all its ugliness by the members of the Los Angeles Repertory Theater is nothing if not overwhelming! Exceptional is David Macklin as the dripping-mouthed carnibos…"
- BRIDGETT BYRNE, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

This was followed shortly by "THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH."

David Macklin displays exceptional talent as Henry. His adjustment from act to act realized the inherent disparity, conflicts and tremendous humanity in the part.
- TONY LAWRENCE, Hollywood Reporter

David Macklin’s rebellious Henry (Cain) stands out. Macklin handled a difficult last scene well, the mark of Cain still on him after war and suffering, as it is for all mankind.
- MARGARET HANFORD, Los Angeles Times

More guest shots on TV followed, and he was soon sent a telegram, which read:

We at NBC have high hopes for you and your talent.
- MORT WERNER, Vice-President, NBC

He was then given a starring role with Burl Ives and Linda Day George in NBC's World Premier film, "THE SOUND OF ANGER."

Macklin and Miss Day impress as a MacBeth and Lady MacBeth duo, prepared to lie in court to save their corrupt skins. Macklin has a strident scene with his attorneys that really scores!
- RAY LOYND, Hollywood Reporter

In AIPs "BORN WLD," co-starring with Tom Nardini and Patty McCormick.  DAVID played a young racial bigot—which is just the opposite of this sensitive young actor in real life.

Maury Dexter's direction has tremendous verve and gets strong performances … notably David Macklin's Mexican-hating psychopath!
- KEVIN THOMAS, Los Angeles Times

DAVID has also appeared in guest-starring roles in "IRONSIDES," "THE FBI," "CANNON" and "MEDICAL CENTER." Other feature films include "A MAN FOR HANGING" (a western in which he co-stars with Peter Breck), "MIDWAY," "TAMMY AND THE MILLIONAIRE," "THE PLAINSMAN," "THE PIGEON WHO TOOK ROME," "WELCOME TO ARROW BEACH" (with Director-Actor Lawrence Harvey in his last film), and "MOVIOLA," which brought a letter from John Erman:

Thank you for your imaginative and stylish work. You were a big asset to the show and I hope we can work together again soon.

Recently DAVID starred with great success in Neil Simon's "THE GOOD DOCTOR," produced by the Harlequin theater in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


© 2002-2007, David Macklin