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in the Motion Picture


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on ACTING in the ART and Surviving in the

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ACTING in the Motion Picture BUSINESS


As the title suggests, this complete, eclectic, personal book is not just about the art of acting in the motion pictures--although that is its main thrust--rather it includes a wealth of information and instruction from many sources other than myself, about all aspects and all the people who work together as a team to make a motion picture.

I believe and have learned by experience, in over 200 TV shows and features, mostly starring, guest starring and co-starring, that anyone who aspires to an acting career in this art/business of Motion Pictures would be wise to know and appreciate the part that other members of the team play in making a movie. If an actor wants to grow and survive in this incredibly beautiful but often ugly art/business, he or she would be wise to learn and appreciate as much as possible about what the others do, especially the director and the cinematographer. The vast majority of motion pictures acting careers do not last forever. Movie actors should have something else in their bag that they can pull out and use in other areas if and when the acting roles dry up. Many actors, who have taken advantage of their position, instead of sitting around rapping with other actors (although some of that is needed) during dead time, have studied and asked questions of the personable director and camera man when the opportunity arose. When the actor shows that he appreciates and knows what other members of The Team do, he will--as Bette Davis said--get it all back in spades!

This book contains a lot of what I know now and didn't know then and includes input and quotes from scores of exceptional members of the Motion Picture Industry.

A consensus of important members of the industry, book reviewers and students is that ACTING in the Motion Picture BUSINESS is candid, realistic, encompassing, informative, inspiring, charismatic, and a whole lot of fun to read and to practice.

The book contains scores of original illustrations, charts, graphs, and unique and virtually unobtainable photos--color and black & white.

It is quality computer printed on photo stock paper. It contains over 250 large 8.5" by 11" pages packed with valid, impelling information needed by anyone who wants a career as a motion picture actor or anyone who simply loves the Movies.

The book is spiral bound and is able to take any updates, new ideas and information which I plan to send over the net to anyone who buys the book. The cover and back are re-enforced and covered by a clear plastic overlay. It is in color and black and white.  It is a custom, partly handmade production by myself with a little help from my friends.

If desired I will personally inscribe each copy.

The cost of this limited edition is $29.99 plus postage (actual expense). Checks, money orders and credit cards accepted. Click on the link below to order.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don't like the book (but I am confident that you will), return it in good condition and I will refund the price of the book.

Two publishers wanted to do this book: Focal Press and Players Press.  Because of a loss of creative control and ridiculous royalties, I have decided to do it myself on the Internet in an attempt to help actors and inform movie lovers in my own way. As corny as the following may sound it is the truth: This book is "a labor of love" and because of the quality of this publication I will never break even on it. My reward is the knowledge that I may help some actors and entertain and enlighten some aficionados of the media.

Yours truly,

David Macklin


Only $29.99

plus postage

book cover
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New special feature offered: David Macklin is now providing special information and photo supplements to the book on many of the television shows listed in his resume and on the Internet Movie Database. Request a supplement of your favorite show, and if David has it, you will receive a supplement personally dedicated to you.


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